The Coolest Way to Chill Your Drinks

With the Kontakt 70, you get 70L/hour of cold beverage. Perfect for any event. Quick setup, no ice needed, and you can move it easily. It's all about getting your beverages from room temp to cold, instantly.

Rental Rates:

  • Daily: $220 CAD
  • Weekend: $400 CAD
  • Deposit: $1000 CAD (Refundable)


  • Easy Use: Plug it in and it's ready.
  • Flexibility: Use a built-in compressor for quick use or beer gas for longer beer life.
  • Portability: Easy to move and set up.

Need to Know:

  • Tell us the coupler type and gas you're using, and we'll prep it. D coupler is common, but we cover all types.
  • Free Shipping in not for rent. Have to be picked up in South Mississauga.

Share Your Moments:

Loved using the Kontakt 70? Share on Instagram @thedrinkcooler. We love seeing our equipment in action.

Get in Touch:

Kick off your next event with perfectly chilled taps. Email us at to inquire or rent today.

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