The Lindr

Ever dreamt of pouring a perfectly chilled pint without the hassle of pre-chilling kegs in the fridge? Lindr makes that dream a reality. Our Lindr machines cool the beer right away, straight from the keg, thanks to their sophisticated thermo block technology. With Lindr, you can enjoy a perfectly cooled beer in moments, eliminating the need for lengthy pre-chilling.

Compact and Convenient

Planning a weekend at the cottage, a pool party, or a company event? Lindr's got your back. Its portable design allows you to take the party wherever you go. The stainless steel beauty is not just a cooler; it's a statement piece at any gathering.

Versatility Beyond Beer

Lindr machines cool any beverage in keg, such as frizzante, wine, iced coffees, and kombucha.

Tap Compensator for Perfection

Hate too much foam or too little? Lindr's tap compensator lets you play brewmaster, adjusting the foam on your beer to your exact liking. It's your pour, your way, every time.

No More Kegerator Hassles

Let's talk about the kegerator blues - the long wait for pre-chilling and the lack of portability. Lindr swoops in as the hero with its plug & play simplicity. No need for a pre-chilled, Lindr is ready when you are. And who needs to lug around a bulky kegerator when you can have Lindr's sleek stainless steel design on the move?

Ice Hassle-Free

Eliminate the inconvenience of ice management with Jockey boxes. Lindr presents a sleek and efficient system that eliminates the need for constant ice management.

The Lindr Manufacture

Imagine the picturesque town of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, where Lindr machines come to life. While I'm not the engineer behind the scenes,I am honored to helm The Drink Cooler in Toronto, embodying the rich Czech heritage. Our Lindr machines, meticulously crafted at an impressive rate of approximately 65,000 annually, are designed to transform every pour into an extraordinary experience.