The Beer Store provides an extensive selection of around 144 different kinds of beer kegs. Customers have the option to either order them to their favorite Beer Store or pick them up from the location where they are currently available.

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It is not widely known, but a majority of local breweries have the capability to sell kegs. In fact, Canada is home to over 600 local breweries.

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You are not limited to just beer. Expand your options and consider trying draft wine. Contact your favorite winery to inquire if they offer kegs.

Wineries across Ontario
  • Keg Size

    The kegs are typically available in a range of sizes including 18L, 20L, 30L, and 58L. Most providers require a deposit for the keg, so when you empty the keg, you can return it and receive your deposit back.

  • Keg Coupler

    Ensure that your coupler is compatible with the keg you intend to purchase. The most frequently used coupler is the D system, but for imported kegs, you may also encounter the S system and A system, which are commonly used for many German beers.

  • Plan ahead

    When organizing a party or event, it is recommended to set up your keg at least one week prior.