Innovative Instant Beverage Cooling Technology

Imagine, pouring your favorite beer or any other beverage from keg, and it's instantly cold as it flows through the Lindr dispenser. No more waiting around or needing to pre-chill your keg for hours. With Lindr, your beer is refreshingly cold right when you want it.

Tired of $10 Beers at the Pub?

Say goodbye to expensive pub beers. With our beer machines, enjoy great beer at home or your event for only $3.3 a pour, using an average keg. You save $6.7 on every beer compared to pub prices!

The Real Pour Deal:
This shows exactly how many beers you need to pour to cover the cost of each machine, based on saving $6.7 per beer compared to pub prices. โ€‹โ€‹

Here's the straightforward math behind when each machine pays off:

  • Pygmy 25/1Tap: Pays for itself after 269 beers.
  • Pygmy 25/2Tap: Pays for itself after 312 beers.
  • Kontakt 40: Pays for itself after 328 beers.
  • Kontakt 70: Pays for itself after 388 beers.

How It Works

The Lindr dry cooler works using a cooling coil to chill the beverage coil. Inside the cooler, there's a specially designed thermo block where these two coils come in contact. This design allows the beverage to be chilled efficiently within a few minutes, without needing extended cooling time. This feature is particularly beneficial during busy events or surprise gatherings, where time and quality are of the essence.


All models are equipped with a high-quality, quiet, built-in air compressor with a noise dampener and a molecular filter for incoming air. But you can turn it off and use beer gas if you need.


Controls on the back of the machine ensures that the drinks, whether beer or other beverages, are served at the optimal temperature for consumption


Thanks to the unique technological design, this cooler allows you to dispense two independent drinks (beer, cider, prosecco, etc.) at once.



The secret behind this impressive speed lies in Lindr's unique cooling block design, paired with an optimally tuned cooling circuit. The precise dimensions of the cooling coil, including length and diameter, are meticulously calculated to ensure your beverage reaches the ideal serving temperature swiftly and maintains consistency throughout.

Use built-in compressor or beer gas

Our Pygmy and Kontakt machine pressurizes the keg with its built-in compressor, but if you prefer to use CO2 for pressurization, you can do with same machines by using the following connection schemas.

Air Compressor

Single tap machine PYGMY 25/K

This is the standard setup for PIGMY 25/K, and all necessary components are included in our product collection Plug&Pour.



Single tap machine PYGMY 25/K with CO2

To ensure your beverage stays fresh for longer, consider using CO2 gas. You can extend the life of your drink by pressurizing the keg with CO2 gas. To do this, you will need to purchase a CO2 tank from a local supplier, as well as a gas regulator and fitting you can conveniently find these items in our online store.

Air Compressor

Double tap flash coolers

Double tap flash coolers with the capability of pouring 2 beverages simultaneously. However, it is not required to always have two kegs connected, as it can also function with just one.


Double tap with CO2

The Double tap machine also offers the option to pressurize kegs with CO2, which helps to extend the lifespan of the beverage. To set up this feature, we recommend using the Plug&Pour kit with appropriate couplers, as well as purchasing an extra gas regulator and fitting for the regulator from our online store.

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