General questions

What is the difference between DRY and WATER COOLER?

In a dry cooler, the beverage coil is cooled by a cooling coil. Thanks to the contact of these two coils and the specially designed thermo block in which these coils are hidden, the beverage is well-chilled within a few minutes, without the need for a long cold. Water coolers have a water container directly inside, chilled by an immersed cooling coil. As a result, an ice bank is formed, followed by cooling of the beverage coil.

How should I choose the dispensing equipment?

According to the number of people who will be served or according to the number of chilled beverages per hour.

What does the number in the cooler name indicate (eg Pygmy 25 / K)? 

Continuous output of the device in liters per hour. For machines on 115V is slightly higher than that.

What does the Green Line version mean in the cooler name?

The coolers labeled Green Line are coolers with refrigerant R290 and the adapted cooling system. It is an ecological refrigerant, thanks to which our coolers achieve up to 5% higher performance than previous versions with R134a refrigerant.

What does the letter “K” in the cooler name indicate? 

The letter "/ K" indicates the built-in air compressor for pressurization.

What else do I need for a Contact dispensing machine? 

You always need an air tube (outer diameter 8 mm) and a beverage tube (outer diameter 9.5 mm) for the dispensing machine. Then the correct dispense head for the keg- S, A, D-type or other, fittings for the coupler F5 / 8x8 mm for air and F5 / 8x9.5 mm for beer lines. Last, but not least, a sanitation adapter for basic water cleaning.

Why is it good to have a dispensing machine with a built-in air compressor? And what should I do if I don't have it in my device?

The built-in air compressor simplifies the use of the device and its operation. It allows the device to be easily transferred without the need to have an external air compressor or cylinder ready for the device.

Cooling of Beverages

What should I check if the device does not want to turn on?

First of all, check that the machine is connected to the mains, then check that the machine is switched on (the appliance is switched on by turning the thermostat clockwise). 

What should I do if the drink is warm?

Use the thermostat knob to lower the temperature (by turning the thermostat clockwise)

How long does it take for the drink to cool in the cooler?

The cooling time for contact coolers is approximately 10 minutes. 

What happens if no beverage flows out of the machine after switching off the cooling circuit?

Your machine may have frozen. This happens when you switch on the cooler immediately without dispensing the first beer after you flushed the lines with water. The water left inside after the previous flushing will freeze. Place the machine in a warm room for a few hours, it should thaw and continue to function properly. If this does not happen, contact our service department.


Why should I buy a device with an integrated air compressor?

The built-in air compressor simplifies the use of the cooler and its operation. It allows the machine to be easily handled without having to have an external air compressor or a gas cylindr.

What should I check if the integrated compressor has not started to pressurize?

Check that the machine is connected to the mains and that the compressor switch is in the “I” position (the switch is located on the back of the refrigeration unit). 

What controls the switching of the integrated air compressor and to what value is the pressurization set? 

The switching of the air compressor is controlled by an automatic pressure switch, which is set to a switch-off value of 3.2 bar and the value of switching on the compressor is 2.8 bar.

What should I do if the air compressor pressurizes but does not want to switch off?

Check all tube connections for air leaks from the line. You can also try cutting the ends of the tubes flat. Occasionally, after a long period of use, the ends of the hoses wear out and then do not seal properly in the quick plastic fitting. The compressor therefore runs continuously as it does not reach the required pressure. 

I have cooling with an integrated air compressor, but I would like to use another source for pressurization, is it possible? 

Yes, the use of a built-in air compressor in the machine is not a requirement. You can turn it off using a separate switch on the back of the cooler. You can then connect any external pressure source.


What can I check if the beverage foams excessively? 

Make sure the beverage is not hot. If so, lower the desired temperature. If you use an external pressure source, you can increase the outlet pressure.

How do I clean my machine? 

Using the sanitation adapter, you can do a basic rinse with water (we recommend rinsing after each keg is dispensed). With the help of the sanitizing set, you can easily sanitize the machine even in domestic conditions.

Beer flows around my hose to connect to the cooling device. How do I remove it? 

Cut about 1 to 2 cm of plastic tube.

Is it possible to replace a classic tap with a lever one?

Yes, it is possible to replace the tap with another type. To change the tap, it is necessary to replace the fittings built into the machine. We recommend using the professional services.

If you have trouble finding answers, contact our team.