White Paper: thedrinkcooler.com Referral Program

Program Overview


The Fixed Commission per Sale model is designed to incentivize and reward individuals who successfully refer new customers to thedrinkcooler.com's range of flush coolers.

Target Audience

Eligibility: The program is open to existing customers, influencers, and the general public.

Exclusions: Retailers, employees, and individuals involved in deceptive practices are excluded from participation.

Meaning of Successful Referral

Verification: A successful referral occurs when a referred new customer completes a purchase within 60 days of being referred. The referrer must provide the potential customer's name and contact information, which will be matched with the purchasing customer's details to confirm the referral.

Reward Structure and Limitations

Commission Details: $100 for each unit sold through a referral.

Referral Expiry: Referrals expire 60 days after the referred customer is registered.

Monthly Reward Cap: Maximum reward of $1500 per month, with this limit removed after one year.

Rules and Restrictions

New Customer Requirement: Commissions are only paid for purchases made by new customers.

Prohibition of Fraudulent Activity: Any fraudulent activity will result in immediate disqualification.

Non-Interference Clause: Referrers must not interfere with existing sales processes or customer relationships.

No Self-Referrals: Self-referrals or creation of multiple accounts for exploitation are prohibited.

Brand Representation: Misuse of thedrinkcooler.com brand in online marketplaces or similar platforms is not allowed.

Restricted Marketing Channels: Marketing through certain channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc., is prohibited.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: Refund required if an order is cancelled, with potential termination of the referral relationship for non-compliance.

Honesty Clause

Referrers must act in good faith, providing honest and accurate information about the product and the program to potential customers. Misinformation can result in the cancellation of both ongoing and future referral commissions.

Company's Discretion

Thedrinkcooler.com reserves the right to judge the authenticity of each referral and can refuse payment at its discretion. This includes assessing whether the referrer has adhered to all program rules and guidelines.

Legal and Tax Compliance (Ontario, Canada)

Participants are advised to consult with a tax professional to understand their tax obligations for the rewards earned.


This referral program aims to expand the customer base of thedrinkcooler.com through ethical and effective word-of-mouth marketing. Participants are encouraged to uphold the integrity of the program by adhering to its rules and representing the brand positively.