D System Coupler

Description: The D System Coupler is the most common type and is widely used in Canada and the United States. It's compatible with most North American beers, including popular brands like Molson, Labatt, and Steam Whistle.

Features: This coupler has a distinctive probe with a flat top and is easy to identify. It is suitable for domestic beers with a standard keg valve.

S System Coupler

Description: The S System Coupler is commonly used in Europe and Canada and is compatible with many European beers. It features a longer, slimmer probe and is often found in kegs from countries like Germany and Belgium.

Features: This coupler is designed for beers that require a softer dispensing pressure, making it ideal for certain lagers and ales.

A System Coupler

Description: The A System Coupler is used for kegs produced by breweries such as Guinness and Alexander Keith's. It has a similar appearance to the D System Coupler but with a different probe size.

Features: This coupler is specifically designed for nitrogen-dispensed beers and stouts, offering a unique pouring experience with a creamy head.

G System Coupler

Description: The G System Coupler is commonly used for some European beers, including those from breweries in the United Kingdom.

Features: Recognizable by its curved probe, the G System Coupler is versatile and suitable for a range of beers, making it a popular choice for importers.