Imagine an event where serving chilled beer and sparkling beverages is as easy as plugging in a device. Welcome to the world of Lindr Dispensers! These innovative dispensers are transforming beverage service at events, from weddings to corporate gatherings, offering unmatched ease and efficiency. Let's explore the amazing features of Lindr Dispensers that make them a must-have for any event planner.

Unmatched Ease of Use

The beauty of Lindr Dispensers is in their simplicity. To get started, just connect the dispenser to the keg and plug it in. The fittings on the coupler and hoses are designed for quick and hassle-free connections, making the setup process incredibly fast and easy. Within just 5 minutes of connection, you can start pouring perfectly chilled beers - no pre-chilling needed!

Versatility at Its Best

One of the standout features of most Lindr models is the ability to connect two different kegs to one dispenser. This means you can serve beer from one tap and a different beverage like prosecco or frizzante from the other, catering to a diverse range of preferences. It's an ideal setup for pleasing both ladies and gentlemen at your event.

Reliable and Efficient Cooling System

Lindr machines are equipped with a powerful thermoblock and an extensive coil system through which the beer circulates, rapidly cooling it to the perfect temperature. This advanced cooling technology eliminates the worry of keeping kegs cold when you need them.

Professional Pouring Experience

Each Lindr dispenser features a stainless steel tap with a compensator, allowing you to pour beer with the perfect foam head. This attention to detail ensures that every pint looks and tastes as though it were served by a professional bartender.

High Capacity for Large Events

For larger events, Lindr’s most powerful machine can pour up to 140 cold pints of beer or any other beverage per hour, all while remaining portable. This incredible capacity ensures that your guests are never left waiting, keeping the drinks flowing smoothly throughout your event.


Lindr Dispensers are a revolutionary addition to any event where beverages are served. They combine ease of use, versatility, efficient cooling, professional pouring quality, and high capacity to provide an unparalleled beverage serving experience. For event organizers, these dispensers are a game-changer, ensuring that serving drinks is no longer a logistical challenge but a highlight of the event. Embrace the future of event beverage service with Lindr Dispensers – your guests will thank you!